Welcome you on the BUKOVYNA FILM COMISSION official website!

BUKOVYNA FILM COMISSION  is a non-government organization and its aim is to draw filmmaker`s attention to shootings on local territories of Chernivtsi and Chernivtsi province. BUKOVYNA FILM COMISSION  is a coordinator, who`s interested in attracting national and foreign film production companies to work in our region. We practically assist in productive co-operation with governmental authorities, local government and film-community. BUKOVYNA FILM COMISSION offers projects` support on every stage of work, so you will have totally cleared conditions for uninterrupted filmmaking process. What we will be doing together:

  • Involvement of national and foreign producers in funding of production, distribution and screening of the film.
  • Chernivtsi and Bukovina popularization in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Assist the companies in providing of enabling environment for the creation of quality films; locations` approval, support and provide getting permissions, ensuring the local experts work; providing of specialists for postproduction period; interact with governmental authorities and local government in order to arrange filmmaking process.
  • Signing contracts with local organizations about service delivery for film crew (food, residence, transport, stuffs` rent).
There will be so many interesting things which everyone who loves Chernivtsi and want the whole world to know us can participate in. Follow us and you will always be on camera!