Attention! Attention! Attention!

First few months of BUKOVYNA FILM COMISSION`s work confirmed the timeliness of its creation. Our Facebook community consists of 300 users now and several dozens of them have already offered their help. We were the initiators of European film festival`s holding in Chernivtsi, participated in “Mykolaichuk festival” and International Film Festival in Odessa. We have some interesting plans for this autumn. We reached an agreement with local government about support for Chernivtsi and Bukovina popularization in Ukraine and abroad. We are supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency, establishing cooperation with other Film Commissions of Ukraine and non-government organizations, fox example with Ukrainian Motion Picture Association. We have first requests from film production companies for practical cooperation. Without wasting time, we start to form the Bukovina Film Comission`s crew! Think you have nothing to do with filmmaking? That`s not true!  Everyone has skills that we need in future. And in the near future. Let`s make films together! So, everyone who:
  • Wants to try out for cameos or group scenes
  • Wants to try out for writing scripts
  • Has any skills of filmmaking
  • Own any prop and ready to offer it for shooting
  • Own buildings, catering establishments, transport, mechanisms, devices for filmmaking and can use it for shooting
  • Can offer interesting locations
  • Or just has awesome ideas about film production in our region
Click the button below and contact us to discuss the details!