BFC was created in 2017 as non-government non for profit organization in Chernivtsi city. To the BFC Board 5 persons have been coopted including the representatives of Chernivtsi regional state administration (Vice-Governor) and Chernivtsi city Hall (Deputy Mayor). We managed to create the team and partnerships that are working to empower the film production in the region.

  • Promotion
Since last summer we have BFC Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/BukovynaFilmCommission )    and web-site (http://fcb.in.ua)  that let to familiarize the potential partners in Ukraine and abroad with film production opportunities and film locations in the area. BFC was presented during the annual Odesa International Film Festival and Kyiv Media Week Forum. The negotiations with film producers gave us optimism that Bukovyna (Chernivtsi) region has good potential for film production. The intiative to create Bukovyna Film Commission was supported by colleagues from Ukraine and abroad.Activities We concentrate our efforts on stimulating film production in the region. We are building partnership with both professional and amateur producers who plan to shoot movies in Bukovyna. We have formalized the relations with contact institutions of the most attractive and unique film locations like Bukovynian Orthodox Residency (UNESCO heritage), Khotyn fortress, Vyznitsia National Park, etc. We closed 2017 with fruitful collaboration with colleagues from Western Ukraine regions at the annual Lviv Cinema-Meetings. We agreed to cooperate in:
  • organization of trainings and master classes for film producers; working out and accumulation of a common base of  film locations of the Western Ukraine region;
  • creation of the database of actors’ profiles;
  • promotion of Ukrainian film production on the regional level;
  • further cooperation of the Western Ukraine Film Commissions.
The number of events has been dedicated to demonstration of movies within the European Cinema Festival in cooperation with art-info center “CzernowitZ” , promoting film premiers such as “Izi”, “”The Word” Building” with wide involvement of local public, students and professors of local University in particular.
  • BFC PLANS FOR 2018
In 2018 we plan to continue our efforts of promotion in Ukraine and abroad, support of film production in the region with the aim of giving visibility to the stunning landscape of Bukovyna (Chernivtsi region of Ukraine) and the cultural and historical variety of the region in national and international film and cinema productions, and strengthening Bukovyna as a film location. We also plan to establish contacts with European FC network. In order to familiarize filmmakers with Bukovyna as a location for filming, the BFC team offers the variety of services for video production. We plan to provide access to a huge selection of information that will help to find a suitable film location. The archive offers general information, extensive picture material and contact details for the respective locations. This database is continuously updated and extended to include newly-researched locations. We will make film production, i.e. filming, advertising or other audio and visual products in Chernivtsi region simple and easy, negotiations with local authorities, contractors and locations transparent and valuable. We will facilitate the process of finding locations, other services for the film/video production or advertisement.