Saint Maria`s Square

In the oldest part of Chernivtsi, near the Barbusa str. and Sagaydashnoho str. you can see two amazing places, that remain us that the city was once a part of the Ottoman Empire. It`s Turkish Bridge and Turkish Well. During the reign of the Turks near the well was built a stone reservoir for drinking water, and the source was decorated with a crescent moon. Not so long ago, in 2008, the area was completely renovated, and has acquired a new, more original look. Above the old pit was constructed openwork gazebo in oriental style. Nearby is a circular arcade, which is located in the center of the fountain. Particularly noteworthy are the flower clock, which are the adornment of the area and forged iron bike set during the celebration of the blacksmiths. Also there are many flashlights that light up the stairs that lead to the second part of square – Turkish Bridge.